A Match Has Been Found

The big news is that a full match has been found for me. I’m supposed to get my Hickman catheter on November 22 and be admitted to Johns Hopkins to begin inpatient chemo on November 23, with a transplant date of November 29! My donor will remain anonymous for a year. I’ll be in the hospital approximately 4-5 weeks and then in an apartment near the hospital for a month or two after that.

I’m nearly finished my 11th cycle of Vidaza and still doing great. It’s been a long, hard week with two full days of pre-transplant tests on top of the chemo.

I’ll continue to receive my email while I’m in the hospital and will provide my snail mail address when I have one. I won’t be allowed to have flowers, plants, stuffed animals, or outside food. Because of my compromised immune system, visitors will be limited to my caregivers—Michael, Joan and Warren, at least for awhile. We’ll let you know if any of this changes as everything progresses. Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of things to entertain myself and my caregivers—iPads/iTunes, DVDs, laptop, tv, books, and games. If I need anything else, there’s always Amazon.com!


  1. Glad everything is going well. Looking forward to future postings. Hang in there. You can do it. Love you both. Cathy 🙂

  2. Andy Thomas and John

    We are here if you need ANYTHING!
    Ted E. Bear

  3. Hi Karen Im online….spooky….hope you are all better soon and can visit or at least get a visitor. Ill start practicing driving to Balt. after the holiday…xoxoxox best wishes
    and be strong MIKE!!!!! Dana

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