All systems go

We saw my transplant doctor today. All test results came back fine, and I’m in complete remission, best timing for the bone marrow transplant. I’m still scheduled to be admitted to the hospital for conditioning chemo on November 23 but my new cells might not arrive until after midnight on transplant day, making my rebirthday November 30 if everything stays on schedule. It seems fitting that I have the procedure in the middle of the night, being the nocturnal person that I am.


  1. So glad to hear the good news! Will be keeping an eye on you during this process 🙂
    Laura (From AA forum)

  2. Great news, hope you are ready with everything you’ll need! We’ll be thinking of you and hoping for a relatively quiet and boring time over the next month.

    Debbie and Mike (day +44)

  3. Hope everything is still going smoothly. How are you doing with all the pre-stuff? Hang in there. I hope time passes very quickly these next couple of months. Love you.

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