D + 11: …Morphine and Chocolate…

“… And you can say ‘Hey, we’ve really come a long way’ …”

It was another restless night,

“… Just another traveler on the road…”

Karen managed a couple of laps this morning, had a couple of naps, and managed a small chocolate shake.

Only put in one song besides the tag line. The best thing about the network here is that it is free – hence can’t complain when it goes offline. So, y’all don’t panic if there is not posting sometimes.

It has been a slow, but quiet day. Karen said she was just watching the clock this afternoon. The kitties miss her, and Delylah hissed at me just to remind me that I’m not “mom”.

It is nap time – again.

Tag line: 4 Non Blondes.


  1. Andy, Thomas, and John

    Get some rest….and don’t worry about us…we will worry about you for a change!! Post when it suits! Take care of Karen!! Send her our love!

  2. Doing just one lap is an accomplishment. Any more is very impressive. Glad all is going okay. Keep up the reports. Glad to know about the internet. Love you both. I hope the kitties have pictures around so they see Karen everyday. 🙂

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