D +12: …if words could make wishes come true…

It was a difficult night and shaping up to continue that way today. The doctors and staff are keeping a close watch on the mucocitis. They keep reminding us this is the hard part until the counts start going back up. Karen is trying to nap. Cautions and precautions.

Antibiotics, anti-fungal, platelets, chest X-Ray, anti-nausea, oxygen, new hand soap, kitchen sink. Sipping water is still problematic – food is not even under consideration today. Quality sleep is sparse. Wrap that all together and IT IS A GOOD DAY (at work we’d say “entertaining”).

Tag line (IDed by David ): Time in a Bottle, Jim Croce.


  1. We are praying and will be praying more at church today. Keep up the good fight!


  2. Karen and Michael, You are both in my thoughts and prayers (even though I do not know you, Michael)

  3. Hang in there you two! We are praying for a great outcome. Stay strong and know that we are there to support you any way we can. Drink one of those milk shakes for me. I prefer chocolate but I will defer to what ever sounds good to you. Hope you feel better soon.
    Love ,

  4. As Sarah said, we are praying for both of you. Karen, you are mentioned at every mass every weekend in the prayers of the sick. They even say Woys properly! : – ) Remember Mother, this too will pass and there are five cactus flowers blooming, five to go. Love you much, Linda

  5. As a mother, I always advise to follow cautions and precautions.
    Love you.
    Cathy 🙂

    PS David says Jim Croce

  6. Wishing that this period is over for you very soon!

    Deb & Mike

  7. Like the Dr.s say, this is to be expected. Hopefully her counts will quickly climb. Tell her to rest as much as possible. And you, yes you! need to be sure to take care of you!

    Thank you for keeping us current. I will be in her shoes/bed??? soon. Lori

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