D + 13: …you’re living in the twilight zone …

Good morning. Time for breathing exercise.
Good morning. Time for vitals.
Good morning. Time for the doctor’s rounds. Blah, blah, blah, white count at 100 blah, and blah. Stop, hey great! Great!!!

White counts are One Hundred! (Perspective: D+11 less than 50, D+12 close to 80, Normal range 4500 – 11000). Us math Geeks are into trends – up is what counts.

Karen walked a couple of rounds at 6am and one at 8am. Throat pain is making any food or drink nearly impossible. 1/2 of a cherry popsicle today….
Ok … Hmmm Tag Line for tomorrow … something from Carly Simon, maybe.
Good Morning: Time for Nap Time.

Afternoon was time for a CT of the sinuses and a visit by the ENT doctor – bad mucositis of the throat and mouth, no signs of infection. Good as expected.

Tag Line (IDed by Ruby): Golden Earring.


  1. Andy Thomas and John

    Counts up to 100!!! This is wonderful news!!
    Hope the other symptoms disappear quickly!!!
    Keep on fighting!!!!

  2. Wow, that is so fabulous. I let out a whoop in the office here. Let those little guys keep growing! Happy dance. Love, Linda

  3. Hooray!!!

  4. That’s great! Keep it UP, UP, UP!

  5. Hey Karen!

    Love those numbers! I can see that graph turning up on the old iPad! Keep it up!


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