D + 14: … Anticipation

“…Is keeping me waiting…”

Karen completed 13 laps today so far; got in a game of ticket to ride with Warren. The mucositis continues to block attempts at food. Lots of naps and rest. Looking forward to tomorrow morning’s count and hoping for a quiet night.

… Running on, running on empty…

Ok – Empty only refers to No Food – However, Karen finished her 25 laps for the day! Sleepy time now.


  1. Andy, Thomas, and John

    Hope it is warmer in the hospital than it is out here in the sticks! Cold, cold, cold! Glad you are up and about, exercising and gaming! Good luck on tomorrow’s counts!! Will be thinking about you! Hugs!!

  2. Hi there,

    I posted a comment earlier today only it didn’t show up tonight. You need to get a programmer on this site to fix it up! Glad you’re doing better day by day. The boys will lend Michael their fingers and toes in case your white count gets too high for him to handle:)


  3. Can’t wait for the counts tomorrow. I’ll add my fingers and toes to the boys. 25 laps–Wow! Great job; I should do so good! Love you much, Linda

  4. Carly Simon and Jackson Browne – Hold On, Hold Out from the Hold Out album. Like y’all we’re holding on!

  5. I can’t believe how much you are able to accomplish. Great! We probably won’t even recognize the new you when it is all over. 🙂

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