D + 15: … How high are the ANCs …

“… 374 and risin’…”

It was another restless night; however, Karen is feeling better. We hope that the worst of the mucositis is behind her.

For the statisticians: White cell count: 550. – (4500 to 11000)
Absolute Neut. Count: 374. – (1500 to 7800)
Platelets: 16. – (150 to 350)

Karen did some laps this morning, and is trying to relax and rest a little.

Tag Line: ( sort of..) Johnny Cash, 5 ft high and risin’.


  1. Hello Michael & Karen;
    So sorry you both are going through this ordeal.
    I too hope and pray that the worst is behind you will will be very soon.
    Have a blessed day and keep your chin up, this too will come to pass.
    Jan & her Fur Purrs

  2. Hi guys,
    Havent been on in quite a while. Had a lot of reading to do. Sounds like youre well on your way to health and happiness. Close your eyes and try to remember the roads and mall in Dec..
    not to bad where you are now is it? Monday night suck without you two. Everyone says Im grumpy…hmmmmm…Josef must be rubbing off on me…eeeewww!!!! love you miss you mean it!!!
    Dana and company 🙂

  3. just read more….believe it or not my peanut butter pie is one of the few foods cancer patients with mouth ulcers can eat…its cold
    smooth and creamy and my aunt is the only one Ive ever given the recipe too because of her
    severe mouth ulcers. Mike Ill give it to you if you want just give me a call….no crust is
    best. 410-679-3687….Ill only give it to you
    so noone else even try to go there!!!! 🙂 dana

  4. The office is rejoicing over your counts, particularly Katie’s mom who has been there with her. She said it is awesome! Love, Linda

  5. Hi Karen,

    This is Tante,thinking of you,and wishing you continius success.
    It sounds like you have been doing a great job.
    Keep up the good work’
    Greetings to Michael also.
    Much love,

  6. I was wondering, could you put a chart on where with several colors for the different counts that we are watching? It would be great for us old people who can’t remember the last counts. And it would be easier for everyone to see the progress. Just a thought!
    Cathy 🙂

  7. Andy Thomas and John

    So happy to hear the counts are moving in the RIGHT direction!! Way to fight Karen!! Waiting for some SNOW…..Jean rode in w me this morning (act surprised)! Love you, Andy

  8. I even knew that tag line. Way to spoil it. Oh well. Hopefully a Christmas card will be on its way to you guys soon.

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