D + 16: … I’ll be home for Christmas…

“… If only in my dreams…”

Karen is having a good day watching the snow fall on Baltimore. Food and drink are starting to be more friendly.

Today’s Counts: White Cell Count – 780.
Absolute Neut. count remains at 374.
Platelet Count 15.

The Doctors are trying to switch Karen’s Meds away from IVs in preparation for release from the ward as early as this weekend ( food, pain, and counts play into that).

… The ocean is desert, with its life…

Karen has found that the chemotherapy has affected her taste buds a little. We have tried various brands of bottled water today – too salty, too metallic, etc. – so far Aquafina is ok.

… I’ll be right home, my baby wrote me a letter…

So hopefully, Karen will pick the lead back up for the blog shortly. Another three song day. A good day!


  1. Thanks for the great news!

  2. Neuts are merely a type of white, albeit the most common and most important

  3. She’s moving already? Wow? Complete discharge or to an acute care unit?

  4. Great news! And, as Bing Crosby sang, “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

  5. Great news on the counts! Taste comes slowly, but keep eating what you can and soon that patient pal will be a distant memory.

  6. Wow! This is great news. Will you be moving across the street now?

    David and I listened to this today on our drive to Erin’s house in CO: … The ocean is desert, with it’s life… A Horse With No Name by America. Just as Ruby said above. 😀
    Cathy 🙂

  7. Andy Thomas and John

    Great news!!

  8. Good Morning;
    Keep up the great move forward.
    Have a blessed day
    Jan & her Fur Purrs

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