D +182: I know you don’t like the blues..

“…Cause the words are always the same…
…and they kind of remind you…”

Greetings! It was been a while since I posted. Things are normal – however, it still is amazing to me how quickly the bizarre becomes ordinary or mundane to “normal”.

I guess we all walk on the knife’s edge of what to say. We’ve been fighting with the feelings of regret: the “what ifs”. Defining quality of life is a very individual thing. Suffice it to say to say that fighting every bite of food for the last five plus months leads only to quote the epitaph from Harry Chapin’s 30000 lbs of bananas: “Harry, it sucks.” To the counter – how does one measure the moments of watching the nephews and nieces grow up?

For those tagged as care givers – George Carlin could have had fun with that term – do the best you can!


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