D + 19: …movin’ on up…

“…to the top…”

Yesterday was a significant event, Karen moved over the next hurdle and was released to outpatient care. We moved yesterday afternoon to a hotel, courtesy of John and Susanne and were notified that a room was a available at the Hackerman house. Hence, we will move again shortly.

Karen and I are at J.H. for the first outpatient session. Pills are the enemy of the stomach so far, milk is tolerable, and odor and taste seem to be acutely sensitive.

…more to follow when we get settled in again.


  1. Glad Karen was well enough to leave the hospital. Hopefully she will be a good outpatient too.

    I heard Febreze is good for odors. That might help with the room. I can’t think of anything to help with the food. Good luck.
    Cathy 🙂

  2. Andy, Thomas, and John

    Great that Karen made it through the hurdle of inpatient to out patient! Thomas babysit the kitties last night and just got home about 430pm. They should be well adjusted!!! Keep up the good work Karen! We are all cheering for you! Hugs,

  3. Andy, Thomas, and John

    P.S. New address to send a card????

  4. You change rooms quicker than a $10 hooker! GLad to hear you’re back on JHU Turf. Remember that JHU was rated the number 1 hospital in America by US News and World Report. Keep in mind that my JHU Dr. said that JHU owns US News and World Report:) Joseph and I (and 6 others from the Boy Scout) Troop delivered food and clothing to a homeless shelter in Dundalk tonight. It’s something to make us feel grateful for what we have, and you and Michael are 2 of them.

    J, S, J, S

  5. Well it’s all right . . .

    I’m picturing The Traveling Wilburys.

  6. Hey Karen!

    Congrats on breaking out of the hospital. The change of venue has got to be a plus — though moving everyday sounds a little stressful. I hope your stomach adjusts to the meds soon — and that you can get excited enough about food to provide a little buffering.

    Take Care!


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