D + 22: …one, two, three o’clock,…

“…four o’clock rock…”

Good Morning! For the curious, this is what the outpatient routine looks like so far.
IPOP is at the hospital at 1000 am and has lasted 3-4 hours, we’re hoping to avoid the 7 hour sessions like Sunday. The medication schedule outside IPOP is 3 sets of anti-nausea meds at a Noon, 8pm & 4am; another set on a 3 & 9 am & pm schedule, a couple of meds once a day, antiviral on the 9&9 schedule. The big time / sleep killer is the antibiotic egg which is every six hours (12, 18, 24, and 0600). The “egg” has to be pulled out of the fridge 30 minutes prior to administering via the hickman and takes about 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

The Maus is a trooper and has breakfast with the morning dose. Tag Line credits later, time to steal some sleep.

White Count: 2190
ANC: 1280
Platelet: 43

Today’s Tag Line (IDed by David) Bill Haley and the Comets.
D+21 Egg-Sucking Dog, Johnny Cash
D+20 30000 Pounds of Bananas, Harry Chapin
D+19 Movin’ on Up, Theme song from The Jeffersons.
D+18 Mama Said, Shirelles
D+16 (1) I’ll be Home for Christmas (IDed by Toby), Bing Crosby
D+16 (2) A Horse with no Name, America
D+16 (3) The Letter, Joe Cocker


  1. Rock Around the Clock
    Bill Haily and the Comets?

  2. I am thinking about both of you. To say Happy Holidays is probably not a realistic wish but to say I hope you are doing better by Christmas may be a realistic hope.

  3. Hello Michael & Karen;
    So sorry you are spending Christmas in the hospital. But it sounds like you are doing well, at least I hope so.
    Know you are in my prayers every day.
    Jan & her Fur Purrs

  4. I miss you guys.
    I can’t imagine taking so many pills. I have trouble taking two aspirins. Karen is a real trooper.
    Love you both.
    Cathy 🙂

  5. Hello my dear! Thinking about you every day!

    Hope you are feeling better each and every day.


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