D + 23: …you won’t find a thing to chew…

A busy day at the IPOP. We are still experimenting with palatability! Additionally, we been gathering essentials for the apartment – lotions, potions, and sticks of butter.

White Count: 2960
ANC: 1500
Platelets: 57


  1. I can imagine what to do with the potions and lotions. But the stick of butter…? I hope you find the answers to the experiments.
    Cathy 🙂

  2. When do we get to see the pictures of your new apartment?

  3. Merry Christmas the two of you. I hope you can see beautiful lights from where you are. Snow here today; supposed to be heavy by the time we leave for mass at 2. We’ll pray for you at church. Love you much, Linda

  4. Merry Christmas Karen and Michael!

    Those counts are looking great! I’m jealous, Karen. At this point you’ve got more platelets And neutrophils than me!

    Hope they continue to climb through the New Year.


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