D + 26: … But the fighter still remains…

We just completed a visit at J.H. Karen is doing ok, her hand is still extremely sore.

White Blood Count: 4100.
ANC: 2210.
Platelets: 105.

Happy XBoxing Day


  1. Wii are having a fun day. No Xboxing for us. 😀
    Pamper that hand.
    Cathy 🙂

  2. Tim, Lydia, Max, and Molly

    Okay, so I had it all wrong. i thought the “NO FLOWERS, NO PLANTS, NO SMALL ANIMALS OR CHILDREN, NO TOYS (except for X Box games) AND NO FOOD” meant no,… well, nothing! So, we didn’t send a card, nor a box of German chocolates, a Tennessee Country Ham (bone in of course), or any small children.

    Our Christmas sounds like yours, sorta, well, minus the nausea, and the hand, and the…, anyway, Lydia and I hung around the house feeding Max and Molly treats and watching old movies. It does sound like you got in more exercise than I did. So, what constituted a lap? Did you use a pedometer to measure distance?

    Okay, enough with the smart a$$ comments. I’ll check in more often and will only transmit sterile digits.

    All our love, Tim and Lydia (and Max and Molly too!)

  3. Andy, Thomas, and John

    Happy belated Christmas! Just now logging on to the computer! Hope the hand gets better! The counts are promising! Love ya, me

  4. Happy Holidays! Let’s hope 2011 will be a MUCH better year than 2010. We are stranded in western NC and hope to get out tomorrow. Not using the computer too much because the letters are rubbed off the keyboard and I am a two-finger typist. Thinking of you. Hope your hand gets better soon. Toby

  5. The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkle

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