D + 30: …525,600 minutes…

“… How do you measure, measure a year…
… In daylights, in sunsets … …In midnights, In cups of coffee?…
… In inches, in miles … …In laughter, in strife?…..”

In treatments? …in tears? …in terror? …
in friends and family – In fur balls …
in moments that last hours, and hours that vanish like the morning mist…

In memory of the future and what it is going to be?

It has been a year since we found out something was wrong – the journey continues.

Thank you to all – family and friends; nurses, doctors, and technicians; everyone at the Developmental Test Command;

Especially our donor, and all of you who are on a similar journey.

Love Karen, Michael, and the kitties alone at home, Dory Alexander, Moritz, Samson and Delylah, Maya and Tommy.

Today’s Counts:
White Blood Count: 4400.
ANC: 1920.
Platelets: 136.


  1. We are all here for you.

  2. Surely it has been a whirlwind year for you both. And speaking of Journey, “Don’t stop believing . . .”

    Sending thoughts, prayers, and e-hugs!

  3. My dear Friend Karen;
    I am sure the kitties miss you but you need to get well so you can get back home to them.
    They will be fine and you will as well.
    Know I pray for you every day that God will get you though this with flying colors.
    Keep the faith as I know you will.
    I miss not getting emails from you and being able to speak to you.
    Hang in there my dear friend.
    Jan & her Fur Purrs.

  4. Andy, Thomas, and John

    One year down….many more to look forward to!

    Cheers for the new year and all of the good things it has in store for you and Mike!

  5. Hey Karen & Michael!

    Happy new year to you both. I’m glad to see Karen’s numbers continue to improve — and that you’re moving toward less frequent visits to IPOP.

    Here’s to a great year for you and the kittens!


  6. Happy New Year, cousin. Your philosophizing is so with my beliefs. People who touch us or whom we touch are the importance. Thanksgiving for life, for love, for families, for friends. For us in St. Louis, a new year’s eve miracle that no one was killed in the tornadic activity. Love you much, Linda

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