D + 33: …maybe I can suggest an appetizer…

“… … It’s the thrill of one bite …”

Today’s IPOP visit is concentrating on changing up the meds to beat the continuous nausea. Waiting on blood to be drawn for today’s counts. Routine – all routine, it is almost scary how quickly “Abby Normal” is normal.

Blood Counts:
White Blood Count: 5010.
ANC: 2370.
Platelets: 145.
Red Blood Count: 3.34.

D + 23 In the Year 2525, Zager & Evans
D + 26 The Boxer (IDed by David), Simon & Garfunkel
D + 27 All my life’s a circle, Harry Chapin
D + 29 Highwayman, Makem & Clancy version (Johnny Cash)
D + 30 525,600 Minutes from Rent
D + 31 Auld Lang Syne (traditional Scottish)


  1. I hope they find the right combination soon so she can eat. How much weight has she lost?

  2. abbey slash….abbey normal was and still is my nick name at Josefs though few (one) remembers it. Its from young frankenstein…
    the name on the jar??? abbey something!!!
    love you guys….xoxox

  3. I’ve noticed you have not put up any new pictures. Are you going to while you stay at the apartment?

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