D + 34: …Counting Flowers on the Wall…

Ok, life in the little apartment is falling into a routine. Karen is trying to find the balance in the meds. Nausea continues to be the big challenge.

Dana IDed the Young Frankenstein reference in yesterday’s post.

A little late but here are the counts:

White Blood Count: 5220.
ANC: 3028
Platelets: 144.
Red Blood Count: 3.30.


  1. That don’t bother me at all. Don’t remember the name of the song, is the singer Roger Miller?

  2. Andy Thomas and John

    I know this — Statler Brothers!!

    Counting flowers on the wall…that don’t bother me at all…playing solitaire ’til dawn with a deck of 51…..smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ – Captain Kangaroo…..don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do…..

    Heading out to Jean’s Retirement Luncheon…miss you and wish you were going. An end of a long career! She is out of control!!!

    Hope you are feeling better today!!

  3. Hang in there you guys. Just wanted to let you know we were thinking of you. Keep those counts climbing! Love Sherry

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