D + 36: … I didn’t look the same …

Another day at HIPOP, waiting on the counts to see what fluids need changing. No 30 weight. Speaking of which, Karen has still been losing a little weight, the food is still some form of breakfast shake, crushed ice and ice-cream (sorry no cheers for the ice-cream when it’s all tastes off). Additionally, waiting for a consult on the right hand. The swelling is down, palm still very blue, but the little finger is out on its own.

Newsflash: Karen’s blood is 100% donor cells!

We moved to a little larger apartment this morning – ok, we accumulate stuff quickly!

Blood Counts to follow:
White Blood Count: 6380.
ANC: 3230.
Platelets: 152.
Red Blood Count: 3.45.

Tag Lines:
D + 34 (IDed by Andy and Susanne) Countin’ Flowers on the Wall, Statler Brothers.
D + 33 The Rye and the Kaiser, Weird Al Yankovic – parody of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor


  1. The “blood news” is great! Congrats on the new larger apt. too. I sure wish you were feeling beeter to go along with the numbers(and know you do too).
    Lots of love, Susanne
    PS I’m still singing “counting flowers on the wall…”

  2. Hi guys…it must be Wed. cuz Im online…
    just for the record, if I could be online every day I’d be sooooo IDeing those songs etc.
    My son is at basketball practice and Im cheating on him by typing to you and not watching him sit…Did I mention he is on day 3
    at the Highland school? more on that later when youve got nothing on your plate!!! want
    that pie yet??!!!! xoxox dana

  3. How about a carry out from Neel’s Kabobs? I sure hope you get your appetite back soon – I’m going to need a lunch date! Keep those numbers climbing! E-hugs!!!

  4. WOW the blood numbers keep going up, that is great.
    Sorry to hear about your finger, hoping it will be well soon.
    Know I am still praying.
    Keep on trucking.

  5. The counts go up every day. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!Hang in there (not by your pinky finger quite yet). I think about you often. Toby

  6. We have been at David’s parents house and not much use of the computer. They don’t have wireless and no extra ports to plug in our computers. Urg!
    I am glad the swelling is going down on the hand. It is sure healing slowly. You sure nothing broke in there? It took forever for my broken toe to heal. It is hard to not use it so it can heal. You probably have the same problem with your hand. Keep trying to use it even for the easy things and then setting the healing process back more. Give it a rest. PLEASE!!! 😀
    I hope you aren’t overdoing things. I know how hard it is do nothing, but you really need to pamper it.
    Am I a mother, or not. Please be careful. Love you. Be patient. Hope your stomach gets stronger too.

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