D + 38: …I want a new drug…

“… One that won’t make me sick …”

Karen visit to IPOP focused on the nausea which the Doctors/PAs believe may be symptomatic of GVHD. Path forward may include endoscopy on Monday. The rashes and discoloration are also likely to be GVHD. What, Me worry? Watching liver enzymes as well now ( no fava beans ).

All is within the realm of the medical community’s expected: doesn’t mean it is fun.

Counts are great:
White Blood Count: 6410.
ANC: 3570.
Platelets: 168.
Red Blood Count: 3.40.
Aspartate Amino: 62 (0-31)
Alanine Amino: 54 (0-31)

Ok – perspective, Karen’s daily counts measure on average 42 different items or levels – lots of items are out of normal range every day, the highlight of the liver enzymes is just for others who may follow a similar treatment to give a benchmark of when something is of focus in the treatment plan for the Docs.

Progress, Pain, Patience …


  1. My thoughts are with you both.

  2. Darn, praying things get better.

    I Want a New Drug, Huey Lewis and the News.

  3. I believe in mind over matter. And seeing you are expert in video games, I want you to close your eyes and pretend you have Pac-Man in your body. He is going to run around inside you and eat all those bad cells that are causing all the problems. I am serious. Just relax and think about Pac-Man and let him run all around. He will eat those nasties and spit them out. (Well really, I guess you need to poop them out. I don’t know of any other way to extract them.) I used hypnosis when I had Heather, and it really worked to change my pain to something else. I changed mind to being constipated. It was not the right pain to change my contractions to. Heather almost ended up in the toilet. Seriously!
    Well, maybe all this is going to end up in the toilet, but it is definitely worth a try. Just learn to relax completely and let your mind concentrate on Pac-Man running around eating those nasties. If you have a different superhero then, feel free to use him.
    Love you.
    Cathy 🙂

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