D + 42: …Gloom, despair and agony on me

“… If it weren’t for bad luck, …”

Karen had an endoscopy to check (biopsy) for GVHD early this morning. Result may be available during tomorrow’s IPOP visit.

In the Army, we’re prone to saying the first report is always wrong. …. This afternoon we went to the orthopedic surgeon who checked on Karen’s right hand.

After a series of Xrays, the Doctor stated it is no mystery to what is wrong. Karen’s little finger is broken off from the support in the middle of her hand. So since we haven’t had any math for a while here it is:

Fixed hand -> Surgery with pins -> six weeks of recovery … if and only if … Karen has a mature immune system. Ok, we are ‘velcroing’ her fingers together for now.

— new topic —

Congratulations to Mike and Debbie! Day + 101 and able to go home!


  1. Oh, wow! Didn’t they see that in the original x-ray for her hand? I always liked velcro. Except when you have to open it in church. 😀
    So…does this mean you are going home today?

  2. The hand was so swollen on the original x-Ray that is was sort of holding the finger together. The specialist would have caught it but not the general tech necessarily. Doesn’t matter anyway as treatment would have still been the same. The Velcro is to help protect jamming it or bumping it on something. The repair job will not be any more difficult because of waiting and nothing can be done to help with the repair in the meantime. I’ll just have the inconvenience of limited use of my hand. We aren’t going home–our friends Debbie and Mike are.

  3. Hello Karen & Michael;
    I am so sorry to hear about your hand. I remember yrs. back my one son broke his arm but
    the xray said it was not broken, The next day they called that it was broken. They claim when an exray is wet it does not always show any thing broken. Perhaps this is what happened to you. Again, sorry but perhaps this can kinda take your mind off everything else.
    Know you are in prayers every day. Day 101 will be there for you as well, in the mean time keep up the great work.
    Know I miss talking to you and your great ideas for my web site. Hurry home.

  4. Hi Karen and Michael,

    Your numbers look great and the doc must be pleased, really sorry to hear about your hand and hope it does not hurt too much. If there is any GVHD, may it be just enough to be beneficial. How is the nausea doing, hopefully getting better.

    You are about half my Michael’s age, but he is not old enough to be your father 🙂 Just restocked the house before the snow, at least you were not at the store with everyone else! Soon you’ll be at the 100 day mark wondering how the time passed so quickly. It certainly is not a piece of cake – day by day.

    Lots of love and positive thoughts coming your way,

    Debbie & Mike

  5. Oh! I thought maybe you had a contest (and I missed that announcement)to guess how many days it would be before you came home and Mike and Debbie guessed the correct answer. Glad they are able to go home. Hope you will be soon. Love you.
    Cathy 🙂

  6. Cathy,

    We would be happy to follow in Mike and Debbie’s shoes and go home at day 101


  7. Cathy,

    We would be happy to have Karen & Michael join us in a one year celebration in Atlantic City … or wherever! I met Karen on the internet, my husband Mike had a transplant in NYC on 10/1 and we stayed in NY to be close to the hospital until yesteday … day 101.


    Whether it is 85 or 135 days for going home it does not matter, one foot in front of the other. Still a reason to celebrate!

    For the foreseeable future a car will be the mode of transport.

    Best of luck,

  8. Can I edit my last post, did we win a prize and I missed it 🙂

  9. Ouch! Karen that hand sounds like it is painful… you must have taken a page out of Richards book – he managed to dislocate his heel while we were in Cuba.

    Wishing you little pain and a speedy recovery… if velcro doesn’t work try duct tape!

    xo jenny

  10. Song tag is from Hee Haw.

  11. (typing from under my bed so I dont have to see the dreaded white stuff…shaking with fear) NOT…I just wanted to say hi and boy THAT sucks about the f$%#^ing finger…”if its not one thing its another” Blizzard 2011 closed us down last night but I figured if you guys were home you would have ventured out!!!
    miss you all the time and think about you often. Josef asked about you and said good luck!! xoxoxo Dana

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