D + 45: … A circumstance beyond our control oh …

The IPOP visit is still focused on the nausea. The mix and match of drugs continues – antiviral, antibiotic, anti nausea. Karen will probably have her first bone marrow biopsy post BMT in two weeks.

Also, the biopsy from endoscopy was negative for GVHD.

Blood Counts: 12 Jan / 14 Jan
White Blood Count: 5200 / 5060.
ANC: 2920 / 3080.
Platelets: 132 / 137.
Red Blood Count: 3.17 / 3.49.

Last chance to Id tag lines ALL the way back to day plus 36.


  1. I sure wish they could find a cure for that nausea. Good luck with everything. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well I guess its good news that the GVHD Biopsy was negative. But It would have explained the nausea. Hope those docs can soon mix you a potion that makes you feel better. We will keep our fingers crossed for the bone marrow biopsy . I will pray for those docs to be guided to the right drug combo to make you feel better. And I will pray for your comfort til they find it. Hang in there!!!Love Sherry

  3. Just letting you know I read your site and am thinking about you. Hope things get better very soon. Toby

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