D + 47: … How many roads must a (wo)man walk down…

“… Before you call him a man …”

We are having a quiet weekend and stole a few minutes to ride the ROAD to the house and visit the cats. Karen’s having to stay masked is a pain. The kitties were very happy to have mommy’s lap.

Today’s tag line is from Bob Dylan. In the world of a female BMT patient the change will be confirmed by a biopsy to see if we had a male or female donor – yes, we are still contemplating the next biopsy….

It is time to update the tag lines. This whole experience gets me to being a tiny bit morbid at times. Eventually, Karen and I will list a set of Tag Line REJECTS.

Thanks for all of you who keep this “semi” interactive, especially Dave and Ruby for IDing the lines…

D+36: …I didn’t look the same: Garden Party, Ricky Nelson.
D+38: …I want a new drug: Huey Lewis and the News (David/Ruby)
D+38: …”What, me worry?”: Alfred E. Newman, Mad Magazine.
D+38: …”liver … Fava beans”, Anthony Hopkins, Silence of the Lambs.
D+39: …All I want is a room some where: Wouldn’t It be Loverly, Audrey Hepburn (Linda/Ruby).
D+41: …thank you for being a friend: Andrew Gold.
D+42: …Gloom, despair, and agony on me: Buck Owens & Roy Clark (David).
D+45: …A circumstance beyond our control: Back on the Chain gang, Pretenders.


  1. Glad Karen was able to go home for a few. That is great. Lucky kitties.

  2. Hey guys!

    Just caught up on the last few posts. So sorry to hear about the finger. What a monkey wrench!

    But great that you got to see the kittens. We just got a new one (a rescue from a family up the road): Olivia. Very fond of oatmeal; so-so on grits; loves making the bed.

    Take care!


  3. Seeing the precious kitties goes so much to raising the spirit which, I believe, steps in to control/influence the mind and body. Notice how I had to get my YMCA in there! Love you much, heading to teach a water fitness instructor class. Long weekend of instructing! Love, Linda

  4. Today’s song is “Blowin’ in the Wind”.

  5. Good morning karen & Michael;
    It is great news to know you were home and know that the wee ones were so happy to see you.
    I bet they thought you were on vacation. Some vacation huh?
    Laura & Teddy had 4 babies last evening. 2 of each. All are doing just fine this morning and Laura is such a great mom. They were 2 days early, what a surprise.
    Have a great and blessed day

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