D + 48: …where troubles melt like Lemon drops…


Today’s IPOP visit changed up the anti-nausea meds. Karen has been experimenting with broadening the food groups: cereals, soups and a steak and noodle mix. The mainstay food is still the breakfast shakes fortified with Icecream.

Today’s counts:
White Blood Count: 6400.
ANC: 4060.
Platelets: 149.
Red Blood Count: 3.48.

😎 Next IPOP visit Thursday.


  1. Great counts and the variety of foods will come in time. Have you tried french toast?

    Deb and Mike

  2. I’m giving everyone else a chance at the tag lines by not using Google.

  3. peter paul; mary blowin in the wind…i think
    dylan wrote it….karen christina glassis the
    other monday bartender at joeys bar and grill
    she tried to join but you declined,,,gotta go back to hiding under the bed now …more white stuff a cummin!!!!

  4. “Somewhere over the rainbow” sung by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz.

    We’re old. I remember when the movie was on once per year!

  5. Andy Thomas and John

    Hi Karen!
    Glad your counts are up! Keep up the good work! Sorry you are having so much nausea…hope the new meds help!
    Haven’t been online in a while so wanted to drop a note to say hey and hope you get better soon!

  6. Glad her diet is improving. Keep it up.

  7. I knew this tagline! The update e-mails don’t always reach my inbox for some reason, so sometimes I’m a little slow. Steak sounds like a good food group to try. 🙂 Glad you were able to get home to see the children too.

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