D + 51: …Half a bee, philosophically…

“… Must, Ipso facto, half not be…”

We have now marched past the midpoint to the mythical 100 day milestone. Ok, maybe just milling past this mystical mile … medically, however, there is no magic in the mark.

But – one has to have goals!

Note: (“m”s on sale today).

Today’s Counts
White Count: 7210.
ANC: 4670.
Platelets: 160.
Red Count: 3.64.

Tagline D+48 (Ided by Debbie W) Somewhere over the Rainbow, Judy Garland


  1. I knew I heard that song before. Just couldn’t remember where. At least it was familiar to me. 😀

  2. Today’s tag–
    Hakuna Matata

  3. Looking good!

  4. Counts are looking good! Here is to hoping that the next fifty days are easier as you make your way to a good outcome. We are cheering you on. Keep up the good work.

    We have reached a milestone ourselves (ours is trivial compared to yours) But we finally ordered the new cabinets for the kitchen. They are to arrive mid February. Very exciting for us. Things are starting to come together. Take Care til we see ya !! Love Sherry PS Dave says “Dont worry , Be Happy”

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