D + 54: …poor cats in the woods…

Today was a quiet day, Karen and I took a ride to see the kittens at home. A little snow and a little ice were left, but we got in and out ok. Dory and Moritz were excited to get to go outside a while, and Delylah got some one on one Mommy time.

Tomorrow is Karen’s bone marrow biopsy.

I’m reading the Johns Hopkins guide for BMT patients. Most of it centers around watching out for / treating GVHD.

D+51 Tagline: Eric the Half a Bee, Monty Python Sings.


  1. Missed on the tag line, oh well, it seemed to have the rhythm of Hakuna Matata.

    Glad you were able to make a trip home and see the kids.

  2. Thinking of you and hoping the biopsy went well!

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