D + 60: …you take a trip to the city lights…

“…and take the long way home…
…take the long way home…”

Karen and I finally made it to our house today. The winter storm left our house without electricity for two and a half days. We joked about spending the night at JPOP and POPPOP – yes, it is an inside joke referring to Karen’s sister and brother-in-law in contrast to the J.H. IPOP and HIPOP clinics.

I just finished purging the fridge and scrubbing it out. Although Hopkins is very pragmatic about cats, food, eating out, and other restrictions, I wasn’t willing to keep anything.

It is a bit scary coming home and leaving the “safety net” of the hospital, for both Karen and me. Taking the weekend slowly, working out a routine and realizing it is still a very long road to travel.

The kittens were glad to have mommy home; Tommy is glued to her side – right along with the hand sanitizer. Dory, on the other hand, is just happy to have a doorman back in residence. The others are in various stages of giving “back”.

D+54: Near Death: or the Search Rewarded, Garrison Keillor & ‘Flicka’ von Stade.
D+55: I think I’m a Clone now, Weird Al Yankovic – parody of I Think We’re Alone Now by Tommy James and the Shondells (IDed by Mike&Cindy).
D+55: My Clone sleeps alone, Pat Benetar.
D+55: That’s Amore!, Dean Martin (IDed by Linda / Cathy).
D+58: Tie a yellow Ribbon, Tony Orlando and Dawn (IDed by David).



  1. I glad you were able to make it home again. Too bad about the power being off. We bought a generator last winter so we will be better prepare for when/if the power goes out again because of a winter storm. Of course the generator does you no good if you aren’t home to hook it up and get it running.
    Hopefully you will be able to spend all your time back home again.


  3. We’re really happy for you.

    The tagline

    I can hear it in my head but I can’t quite grasp the song and the group. As soon as I google it it will be an oh yeah moment.

  4. Supertramp’s lead singer always reminded me of Rush’s lead singer.

    I’m glad you’re back, comforting surrounds are always a good thing.

  5. we are all very glad you are home!!!!
    Hope all will go smoothly from here on out!!
    miss you guys…xoxoxox

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