D + 63: …she said a good day ain’t got no rain…

“…She said a bad day is when I lie in bed …
…and think of things that might have been…”

Karen is doing fine. The transition at home is accented by bouts with nausea, experimenting with foods, and good moments with the kitties. Nothing drastic, just a little disappointment that with counts doing so well that it didn’t ‘force’ feeling great automatically – of the regimen of medications, all have their side effects, so this too may be ‘normal’ for a while. Looking for the good days.

Today’s tagline is actually more about me. Maybe Karen will post the picture I took this morning of my car sitting crosswise in the turn halfway down the driveway attached to the big tree – ice. My guess (estimate) is about $4,700 – nothing scientific about this. Once the picture is posted you’ll can bid on the “showcase”. Might as well laugh at it!

Day+60 Tagline: Take the Long Way Home, Supertramp (IDed by Robb).



  1. We’re laughing already and haven’t even posted our bid. 😀
    I can understand your feelings about thinking she would feel better because the counts are good. It should be that way. Just doesn’t figure in my book. Hopefully that will come soon.
    Really glad you are home. Hope you don’t have any more problems with the ice. You are getting hit hard this winter. We are missing the ice/snow storm here. Just getting rain for us. Thank goodness. Not that we go anywhere anyway. Love you both.

  2. OMG! Oh No Michael not again!!! I hope you are are ok!!! You and Karen just need to stay inside and be careful and stay safe! Send her our love!

    Love You!

  3. Andy Thomas and John

    Well Crash, pretty soon you are going to be requesting to switch car insurance rates with the teenager!!!

    …it was very icy out there this morning!! Just glad you are ok!!

    Slip slidin’ away – Paul Simon

  4. Welcome Home,
    That is such great news! Just hide inside for another month or so, that is our plan. Wish we could have a fire, remember reading somewhere about having a fire not being great, maybe just a myth, but not taking any chances.
    Spring will be here before we know it!
    Deb & Mike

    Ouch about the car – have to laugh about it, as long as everyone is safe.

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