D + 68: …C’mon, C’mon, and share a potion with me…

“…Here in cyberspace there is no disease…”

Greetings all – this is the weekly update. Currently, we are having a quiet day and are anticipating visitors to show up any moment. Nausea is the redundant theme, some days are better than others. Karen is trying to balance the foods and medicine, Ativan x 2 a day, Zofran only if really needed, these two medicines are then coupled with Prevacid (targeted at reflux).

For the dry skin, we have settled on ‘Vaseline Intensive Rescue’; it goes on very smoothly.

Company is here!

D+65 Tagline, I’m just a girl, No Doubt (IDed by Robb / Leslie)



  1. Have fun with your company. Don’t over do it.

  2. The tagline sounds like a line from “Summer in the City,” but I’m not sure.

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