D+212: …And silver splinters fly in the corner of your eye…

“…Shining in the setting sun…
…Well do you ever get the feeling…
…That the story´s too damn real and in the present tense…”

Wow – the end of June. Karen is 7 months post transplant and finished her 5th cycle of Vidaza last week. Every cycle seems to be a little different. Her abdomen was a lot sorer this time after the shots.

Food is a four letter word. Dry mouth, chemo, meds complicate mealtime. The morning shakes (Carnation breakfast w/Icecream) are the mainstay.

All in all – still one moment at a time.


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  1. One moment at a time is good. That is how most of us live anyways. Just hope more good moments come your way.

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