Day +1035: It’s so dreamy…

“Oh, fantasy free me
So you can’t see me
No, not at all
In another dimension
With voyeuristic intention
Well secluded, I see all…”

9/30/2013: UVA1 Phototherapy Day 1 – I think I look pretty goofy, don’t you? Nothing like the image of the stylish woman in the previous post. But I must confess that I stood there in the Daavlin ML24000, wearing only protective green goggles and a big silly grin, as I imagined myself teleporting in time and space. It’s just a jump to the left….


  1. “The Time Warp” from Rocky Horror Picture Show ;0)

    You’re lookin’ good, girl! Like an Olympic swimmer! Hope the treatments do their magic.

    I just survived another 3-month check-up. As I always say, “So far…so…far.”


  2. Let’s do the Time Warp Agaaaaaaaaaaiiiiin!

    I’m sure you knew I’d come crawling out of the woodwork for that one!

    Glad you finally got them to give you a diagnosis and you’re getting the treatment you prefer.


  3. Hi Karen and Michael,

    You look wonderful and ready to do battle! Last week on day 2 when we moved to our temporary home the radio was playing what a long strange it’s been. Indeed it has been strange has strange and long!

    Mike and Deb

  4. Glad you’re finally being treated, and sorry it took so long. Always be the “squeaky wheel” (as my mother used to say) to get what you need. Your blog is so informative, and it gives us BMT groupies tips on what symptoms to look out for in our recovery. In the photo you look like you’re thinking…bring it on!!!

  5. You look very amused.

  6. haahaha I love the picture!

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