Day +1096: Extra! Extra!

“Read all about it
The Pinball Wizard in the Miracle Cure!
Extra! Extra!
Read all about it

Happy Rebirthday, Mausi!

A MUD BMT 30 November 2010.

“…Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…”

In contrast, today is a very mundane event; Karen has been battling the flu and we spent some time yesterday at the clinic to get inhalant and antibiotics and a bizarre X-ray ( Will save that one for another time). Today, she dragged herself to the sofa and is only taking visits from the cats. Dory Alexander, Maya, Moritz and Samson all checking up on her. Delylah and Tommy maintain watch with me. The collective we, have been trying to “force liquids” – can’t remember the line that implies that this would be good advice for a camel – not sure medically. Time seems to be what is required now and thanks to Mary Lou that is what we have.

Ok, Karen is sitting up and resting now ( yes, I really type that slowly ).

“…Their lives ran in circles so small,
They thought they’d seen it all
And they couldn’t make a place for
A girl who’d seen the ocean…”

An obtuse third song for the masses. Well, maybe that is the point, crisis holds our interest, the rest of the time the spilled coffee rates right up there with Armageddon!

Happy Rebirthday, Mausi! Hope you feel better soon! For the rest of Karen’s fellow travelers – enjoy each moment today and far into the future!



  1. Hi Michael & Karen;
    I am soo very sorry to hear that You have had the flu.
    Hoping you did not get it until after Thanksgiving.
    I have sent the picture Michael took of us to several friends. they loved your hair and thought it was a very nice picture. Sure enjoyed the day you were here
    Thank you Michael for bringing Karen to see me.
    Get better very soon.

  2. Happy Rebirthday Karen !!!

    I’m just sorry that you have to share it with the flu, hoping that you are feeling better very, very soon!


    Mike and Debbie

  3. Happy rebirthday!!!!!! So sorry to hear you have the flu though! Feel better soon. Simon wishes you well too.

  4. I hope you are feeling much better!

  5. Who-Miracle Cure
    Michelle Shocked-Memories of East Texas

    Sorry you were so sick for Thanksgiving. That was sad. Glad you are feeling better now. Did you get any left-overs to enjoy now?

    Happy Re-Birthday!

    Cathy 🙂

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