Day +1364: Skating away…

“Skating away…
Skating away on the thin ice of new day…”

Greetings all – it has been quite a while since Karen or I posted which is a sign things are going ok! Currently, Karen is in the OR getting her port removed and hence I am falling into my Johns Hopkins waiting mode. Unfortunately, the port removal is not a sign that her GvHD is disappearing, merely an administrative procedure to remove the port and suspend treatments for a while.

All in all life is good, and yes the tag line is odd for August, but the thin ice line seemed appropriate for a cancer survivor saga.

10:55 Procedure complete, all is well.



  1. Tired but happy to have the port out.

  2. Hang in there my friend. One day at a time. Hugs

  3. Very happy to hear the port is out and things are going OK.

    Tull of course, not that we are getting older 🙂

    Big hugs,

    Mike and Debbie

  4. Hope you’re feeling well with your cyborg implants removed! 🙂 I hope things are settling down at home, too. I wanted to name the song the other day but comments were closed, or my script blocker was on steroids that day. The clue is the song and the band, as Debbie said is Jethro Tull. One of my favorites, actually.

    I’ll be back in little over a month – can’t wait to see you and all your clan!



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