Day +152: Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing…

Happy May Day. The beautiful spring green leaves all popped out on our trees this week, and we went to the local nursery and got lots of flowers today, several hanging baskets and enough geraniums and snapdragons to fill a bunch of “window” boxes (actually, the boxes sit on the deck rails). Michael did the planting, and our friend Thomas cleaned up all the deck furniture. The azaleas are in full bloom. Everything is very pretty.

Sorry I missed the promised midweek post. Time, as usual, got away from me. The Vidaza treatments went okay, not great but not horrible. My eyes were bothering me more than usual this past week, and I’ve also had a bit of a sore throat. The blood counts were kind of screwy but not enough for the doctors to be worried:

WBC: 3700 (norm 4500-10500)
Granulocytes (~ANC): 2100 (norm 1400-6500)
Platelets: 574 (norm 150-450)
RBC: 3.08 (norm 4.00-6.00)
HGB (hemoglobin): 11.1 (norm 11.0-18.0)
HCT (hematocrit): 32.8 (norm 35.0-60.0)

I did some online research and discovered that the Vidaza can reduce the red counts which, in turn, can cause the elevated platelets.

My liver panel was close to the same as before, with the bilirubin down a little and the enzymes up a little:

Bilirubin 1.5 (normal 0.0 – 1.2)
AST 63 (normal 0-40)
ALT 65 (normal 0-40)
Alkaline Phosphatase, S 153 (norm 25-150)

The Zofran I take during treatment week unfortunately tends to bind me up a bit. Despite following the doctor’s recommendations regarding preventative remedies, by Friday evening I was quite miserable and started vomiting. After 4 hours of dry heaves and stomach acid that made my throat very raw, I called the doctor who advised me to head to the local ER. We got there around 11 p.m. and didn’t get home until after 5 a.m., very tired and sore but with relief. I was pretty much wiped out the rest of the weekend. The biggest disappointments were missing my grandnephew spending the night Friday and my semi-annual trek to the Sugarloaf Craft Show with my niece and my brother-in-law Saturday. We’ve made a tradition of it and have gotten to know a lot of the vendors. It’s always an enjoyable day out.

Next Sunday, we plan to have our annual Mother’s Day party here. We usually end up with about 15 guests. To make it easy on ourselves, we’re letting our guests bring all the food! Everyone was surprised we’re having the party at all, but we long for some normalcy in our lives at this point. Wish for good weather for us as our A-frame gets a little crowded indoors, and we have a huge deck.

Day +145 tagline:

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, Eric Idle (Monty Python) (no one IDed)


  1. I hope for the good weather and normalcy. You deserve both. Love you.

  2. I don’t suppose the tagline is Jonothan Colton’s “May the First?” It’s just too funny to pass up.

  3. Hi Karen;
    So sorry to hear of your stomach being up set, hoping it is better by now.
    I do hope the weather will agree with you so you can enjoy your party outside. I know how your deck is so it would be very nice.
    Enjoy and have a blessed day.

  4. Hi Karen,
    Sorry to hear about the recent troubles and hope you are feeling much better at this point, but happy to hear you have all those lovely flowers to look at 🙂
    Hoping the weather on Sunday is perfect for the outdoors!
    Debbie and mike

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