Day +155: Some days are sulky, some days have a grin

“…some days are better than others…”

I saw my hematologist and had bloodwork done today. The CMP results aren’t back but the CBC looked pretty good aside from being a little anemic:

WBC: 4400 (norm 4500-10500)
Granulocytes (~ANC): 2800 (norm 1400-6500)
Platelets: 324 (norm 150-450)
RBC: 3.05 (norm 4.00-6.00)
HGB (hemoglobin): 11.3 (norm 11.0-18.0)
HCT (hematocrit): 33.3 (norm 35.0-60.0)

We talked about the Vidaza treatments not agreeing with me as well as pre-transplant and decided I should discuss the wisdom of continuing with the transplant doctor June 2. I’ll have one more week of treatments the end of this month and then make a decision about how much longer to continue. The original plan was a full year.

My skin rash is definitely worse than last month. Fortunately, it doesn’t itch or bother me physically – my skin just looks blotchy and discolored. The hematologist thinks it is GvHD but reiterated that in small amounts, that is ideal due to the correlating graft vs. leukemia effect. We chatted about AML/MDS being very uncommon compared to other leukemias or other cancers in general and the fact that it is most often seen in the elderly. Thus, he doesn’t see many post transplant patients. I commented that a year and a half ago, I knew nothing about it at all but have found the learning experience very interesting from an academic standpoint. He recommended a book he’s currently reading, The Emperor of All Maladies, A Biography of Cancer by Siddartha Mukherjee. Coincidentally, I’m currently reading the same book! Neither of us is very far into it yet but we’re both enjoying.

On the home front, the raccoons are digging up our flowers at night….grrrr… Those of you who know us realize these ungrateful beasts, aka Rocky and Associates, are spoiled rotten by Michael. So far though, no permanent damage done, and the plants are successfully back in the ground or their respective pots.

Day +152 tagline:

First of May, Jonathan Coulton (IDed by Robb and Toby)


  1. Sorry to hear about the raccoons destroying the flowers. I have a solution, but I don’t think you have the same ideas as I do about the treatment plan.

    I am glad you are enjoying the book. I think it would be a sleeper for me. Too technical I’m sure.

    I sure wish your body would get back to normal. This is a slow process for sure.

  2. Hi kids.
    I have a solution to your problem too!!!!
    Nothing but gallons and gallons of green beans and carrots!! I wonder where they throw that much food out?! Hope you feel well enough to
    visit soon. I could whip you up another pie if
    you tell me when you might arrive. This week is my 10-6 shift. Next week is my double.
    Feel all better soon. Have you tried human hair in your flower beds? I got a bag from haircuttery. 🙂

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