Day +159: Mama let me tell you that I’ve never lost the mem’ry…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

We had a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. Including Michael and me, we had 16 for the party. A big thank you to everyone for coming and for preparing so much delicious food. Another big thank you to Michael, Chris, Joseph, and Thomas for the preparation ahead and the clean-up afterwards, and to Susanne for taking lots of pictures. It was great that my Mom was able to be here (with her yummy pumpkin dessert). The trip from the parking pad to the house is quite treacherous for someone with a walker. Michael’s Mom was here, too, along with her renowned potato salad. We’re fortunate to still have both of our Moms with us. We had an exceptionally nice day and hope everyone else did, as well.

Day +155 tagline:

Some Days Are Better Than Others, U2 (no one IDed)

p.s. I’ll try to post some photos in the next few days when I’m on my computer – can’t do it from the iPad.

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  1. Linda Pourchot

    Thank you for the good wishes. Rachel had us all over since she is not a mom yet. Love you much L.

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