Day +17: mama said there’d be days like this

Counts are great with neuts at 641 and whites at 890. However, the switch from iv to pills for drugs has left me overwhelmingly nauseated. BLEAH. Good news is I’m scheduled for checkout tomorrow. 🙂


  1. Same thing happened to Mike when he switched to pills, could not get past the first bite. The initial week was a little challenging, but just think baby steps and drink, drink, drink… non-alcoholic of course! Great to hear you are checking out and that the counts continue to climb.

  2. Wow!

    Seriously cool that you’ll be going home! One nurse told me that gargling baking soda in water can be useful for the taste bud issues (actually, now that I think about it. that info probably came from an AA&MDS webinar). In any case, i suppose you’d have to get past the taste of the baking soda to make it work, but it could be worth a try.

  3. Evidently, “]bg” is how the new kitten Olivia signs her name when uses the laptop.


  4. Glad to hear you will be released soon. I hope you have more exciting surroundings at the new place when you do your laps.
    Love you.
    Cathy 🙂

  5. WHAT NO MORE LIVER??????? SNAIL BUTTER? yuck!!!
    miss you both….is home meaning home home or just out of that part of the hospital?
    xxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo I made 15 pies last night… want one? Dana

  6. I need another address if youre leaving this one to mail your xmas card. Im so far behind its scary. hows about you call cuz Im at the libray and leaving now/…. 443 655 6255…xoxo

  7. Hopefully the change in scenery will have a positive effect! Joseph went to Philadelphia yesterday to see the Lakers vs. the 76’s in Basketball. He was in – get this – Sky suite #1 with the front row seats! That’s center court about 30 feet from the action on the floor. He now knows how the other half lives. Today was pure excitement. We got the burned out outside lights replaced, oil changed, and the basement room painted. Joseph’s team lost 32-28 and Sam’s team was hammered 15-8 (15-2 at the half). I know – not exciting as your days are. At least they’re away from basketball until next year!
    Michael – give us a call!


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