Day + 1837: No, not this confused again…

“…no, not the same mistakes again…”

Well, Karen had her 12th, maybe thirteenth bone marrow biopsy yesterday, we were negotiating the counts all yesterday. Even with Karen’s favorite tech, Don, doing the procedure, this one didn’t go smoothly.

“..and your eyes are the size of the moon…
You could ’cause you can so you do…”

When you open your eyes and are staring into the faces of five strange women, things have gone a little wacky. Ok, so here is another wrinkle in the “care-giving” saga. Stress is an interesting animal, tie in a cold, cold meds, and a mask to protect the innocent, and then a body temperature flash.

What I remember – saying was it was hot and moving to the chair I had placed near the end of bed, then nothing. Vision didn’t close-in or any other clues – but it certainly made for a more interesting evening at the ER.

We didn’t even bring snacks or enough water for Karen. Well, anyhow of all the procedures I’ve sat through in the last six years, Karen does have the better story to tell with pictures I’m sure. You never know do you?



  1. I got the scoop from Karen last night and saw some pictures then. I love the way you told it. It sounds like you traveled thorough time and space.

  2. I know 🙂

    The pictures are great!

    Glad nothing serious happened like you cut your head and such.

    Sorry it was a crappy biopsy for Karen 🙁

  3. Sounds like a challenging time for both of you! Caregivers need their moments as well and are vulnerable.

    Of course our advancing age might play a role 🙂

    Seriously there are so many factors that play into these situations, but we all move forward.

    Hugs to you both!

    Deb and Mike

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