Day +1858: It’s time to begin, isn’t it…

“I get a little bit bigger but then I’ll admit…
I’m just the same as I was …
Now don’t you understand …
I’m never changing who I am…”

1/1/2016: Happy New Year Everyone!

Karen has outlined the medical adventures in summary fashion – another year wrapped up in a page of progress and procedures. Uncertainty is certain; all else is the moments upon moments that build the memory of a year.  So Cheers! Here’s to life,  …to Karen …to Mary Lou … to all the travelers on this and yet their own road  …to each and every one of you!  Happy NewYear!

Tag Lines

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  • Day +1517: Hold Your Head Up, Argent (1972)
  • Day +1519: Money, Pink Floyd (1973) (IDed by Chris)
    Dark Side, Tim Minchin (2005) (IDed by Chris)
  • Day +1551: I Can See Clearly Now, Johnny Nash (1972) (IDed by Heather)
  • Day +1763: My Type, Saint Motel (2014)
    Birthday, The Beatles (1968) (IDed by Dana and Leslie)
  • Day +1780: Oh Very Young, Cat Stevens (1974)
  • Day +1785: Rolling in the Deep, Adele (2010)
  • Day +1806: 911, Cyndi Lauper (1986)
  • Day +1833: If Love was a Train, Michelle Shocked (1988)
    Casey Jones, Grateful Dead(1970)
    Young Frankenstein quote (1973)
    The Morning After, Maureen McGovern (1971)
    Victor/Victoria quote (1982)
  • Day +1835 : Where Everybody Knows Your Name, Gary Portnoy (1982) (IDed by Leslie)
  • Day +1837: Taking It All Too Hard, Genesis (1983)
    Nine in the Afternoon, Panic! At the Disco (2008)
  • Day +1856: Dreidel, Don McLean (1972)


  1. Happy New Year Karen and Michael!

  2. I knew this song too. It’s Time, by Imagine Dragons. Two in a row! Thanks for the updates.

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