Day +191: I’m just sippin’ on chamomile…

While I was relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea this evening, today’s tagline came to mind. I have no doubt this one will be IDed.

We went to my sister’s for dinner tonight, specifically to deliver the 13-year-old grandniece’s belated birthday gift. She was there for the evening. After dinner, we all went to DQ and enjoyed ice cream. Through all of my eating and taste bud problems (and before), soft ice cream still goes down best. I did eat a good dinner, too. I’ve noticed I eat a lot better when I’m conversing with people during the meal. The chatter distracts me from focusing on the taste and textures.

On to the bigger news…I got an email from my transplant doctor summarizing the biopsy results, all good. Still 100% donor marrow and no sign of any abnormalities. I’m trying to get the full report with all the fine details but that great news is enough for now.

Yesterday, I saw the dentist – “Look Mom, no cavities!” (for you youngsters, quoting a classic Crest toothpaste commercial). That was a very pleasant surprise. Severe dry mouth often causes serious dental problems. My only dental issue is some extra sensitivity to cold and sweets. I thought I had cavities but x-rays showed none. Return in six months for regular cleaning and checkup. Hurray!

I did some research on Sjögren’s syndrome and learned that care is generally coordinated through a rheumatologist. So I emailed my mother’s rheumatology nurse practitioner and asked her about it. She ordered a bunch of blood work, and based on the results, will determine if I should see them for further diagnosis and/or treatment. Since I had a hematologist appointment today, I suggested she fax the list to them so I could consolidate with my regular CBC and CMP instead of getting multiple sticks.

Little did I know that this would cause the phlebotomist some consternation. Neither she nor my hematologist knew what most of the codes were on the list. She needed the info in order to determine how much to draw, storage requirements, etc. It took awhile but between her desk guide and a call to Lab Corps, she eventually got them all. I didn’t realize that they don’t normally do draws for other doctors for this very reason. It was very kind of them to accommodate me, and I apologized profusely. It didn’t help that they were especially busy today. I’ll let you know when I get the results.

The hematologist was thrilled with my biopsy results and my overall exam today but not happy about the GI issues, mainly because he recognizes the effect on quality of life. He believes that I most likely am experiencing some mild GvHD which will hopefully abate with time, although it might take months or years. I can live with that. Unpleasant as it is (very), it is a lot better than much other stuff that could be going wrong. This doctor was also not concerned about the high ferritin. He said that based on the other liver numbers, it is likely not indicative of iron overload and should get better with time.

Today’s CBC:
WBC: 4200 (norm 4500-10500)
Granulocytes (~ANC): 2400 (norm 1400-6500)
Platelets: 343 (norm 150-450)
RBC: 3.24 (norm 4.00-6.00)
HGB (hemoglobin): 11.2 (norm 11.0-18.0)
HCT (hematocrit): 35.4 (norm 35.0-60.0)

I’ll try to post again in about a week when I get the rest of my lab results.

P.S. Our a/c broke last week and we opted to replace instead of repair. We got very lucky. It broke last Wednesday just after the temperatures cooled a bit and was replaced this Tuesday-Wednesday before the temps went to the high 90’s and beyond. Love the new thermostat. It is big, blue, and brightly lit enough to be read from across the room, and provides useful info such as inside humidity and outside temperature in addition to the usual. Also programmable. Michael accuses me of being a gadget lover. He’s probably right.

Day +182 tagline:
How Deep It Goes, Heart (no one IDed)

Day +184 tagline:
It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me, Billy Joel (IDed by Susanne)

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  1. I thought you both liked gadgets. 🙂
    Glad the results of the test have been positive. Keep up the good work.

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