Day +1927: There’s a new me coming out…

“And I just had to live
And I wanna give
I’m completely positive…”

3/10/2016: Hello and happy almost spring! We saw the terrific musical, Motown, this week, and it occurred to me this is a good time for a brief blog update. (That’s a hint for the tagline, too.)

January flew by quickly for the most part although I had a bit of a scare on the 28th. While carrying one of our cats down the stairs, still in his carrier, for temporary isolation after he was neutered, I slipped and fell. Luckily, because it was our spiral, I was able to grab the rail on one side and hang on as I screamed for help instead of falling the whole way down – good thing Michael was home. I hung on, lying upside down on the stairs and having an extreme panic attack. Michael got hold of me and talked me into letting go after he let me know the cat was ok. He coaxed me one step at a time, still upside down on my butt, down the metal steps until I got to the floor, face to face with Elwood the cat, still in his carrier. After the shock wore off, I got up – no visible injuries except bumps on the back and top of my head and a scrape on my foot plus muscle spasms everywhere from being so tense. I didn’t even bleed (although the scrape is not quite fully healed after six weeks). I am never, ever hysterical about anything but this time I totally freaked out, during and afterwards. Perhaps it was realizing how badly I could have been injured. The funniest part was later Michael said when he heard me scream, first thing he thought was a raccoon had gotten into the house and I was fending off an attack against Elwood. It was all laughable in the end.

February marked a full year of wearing PROSE scleral lenses, and they have made a remarkable improvement in my quality of life. I also had routine six month dermatology and hematology appointments in February, both of which were delightfully boring. My doctors both say I look better than they’ve ever seen me look. My bloodwork is great, and biweekly UVA1 phototherapy treatments are keeping my skin GVHD and seborrheic dermatitis under control. Depending on calibration of the machine and age of bulbs, each 50 Joule session went from 15 minutes/9 seconds up to 18 minutes/30 seconds and then back down to 12 minutes/49 seconds. It’s surprising how long a few minutes seems when standing in one place. I pass the time by doing my neck stretches.

I had my six month dental checkup and cleaning this week, also delightfully ordinary. The fluoride treatments are doing their job.

After a year of contemplation and completing required physical therapy and consultations, and receiving the health insurance stamp of approval (i.e., medical necessity), I’m having my breast reduction surgery tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about the procedure but am very much looking forward to the results and further improvements to my quality of life. Perhaps Michael will entertain you with tag lines and laugh lines while he does his waiting routine at the hospital (Johns Hopkins, as usual).


  1. Best of luck, may it be a boring day!!!

    Many hugs,
    Deb and Mike

  2. Thank goodness the fall wasn’t worse. And that Elwood is still 3D. 🙂

    A reduction is a quick way to lose some weight. I have thought about that. But not too seriously. Why do they keep growing? Still things.

    Glad you are doing great and getting out to see so many things. That is wonderful!

    I will wait before looking up the tagline though.


  3. The Turtles – Happy Together – Number 1. February 1967.

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