Day + 1928: Did we do anything after this?

“I have a feeling we did.
We were watching TV,
Watching TV…

0730 Wake.
0830 Drive to Hopkins.
0920 Drop off Karen out front.
0930 Park.
0935 – 1200 Pre-Op.
1200 – 1230 Pre-Op art work.
1305 Off to surgery.
… Lots of time to wait … An episode of House on the left side, Nancy Reagan’s funeral on the right. …Not exactly stuck in the middle with you….

My hospital routine is all too normal, too easy to fall into. So, we’ve addressed quality of life once or twice in the blog; crises take over on the moment, even if they only last the split second, but quality of life is more defined by the things that shape the ‘day in’ and ‘day out’ of life. Karen continues to deal with the GvDH, and so the road has led to today’s surgery.

The surgeon talked about the procedure, the side effects – no rattlesnake bite analogies were used but the concept of nipples falling off did come up. They talked about the strategy and branches the surgery might take, and after looking at the scar tissue on her back, I think the surgeon and Karen are in sync on the plan.

Time to wait.


1735 Surgery Complete – so far so good –  Post op cycle…..

2133 Home! (Stopped on the way home for Chopstix dinner 😉.)


  1. A seven hour surgery….wow! But nice that it was an outpatient surgery. I hope that it really improves her quality of life.

  2. That was a long surgery. But is it good to see she wanted to stop for something to eat. Always a good sign.

    JSYK- I did recognize the “Stuck in the Middle with You” phrase. I just don’t remember who sings it. And I am not the clown or the joker. (At least most of the time. 😉 )

  3. The surgery was only 5 hours! I think they were slow updating the board.

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