Day + 2117: “… paint a picture of yourself…”

“…Let the images flash past…”

Today’s event is just side cleanup from the reduction surgery, nothing too difficult. The sides cannot easily be done at the same time as the front.

0400. “…from your alarms clock’s warning…”
0415. Black coffee
0430. Head to Hopkins
0520. Arrive
0540 – 0630. Pre-op and marks for incisions
0700. anesthesiologist
0725. Nap time!

0800. Status board shows the word incision – ok, whose bright idea is that? In the operating room, post op and recovery were good enough! TMI. Wonder if they ever post: ” Whoops” on the status board.

Just waiting….

GVHD is also a “gift” that keeps on giving. Yes – I’m not a morning person, why do you ask?

Karen will be great … Just waiting!

Noon. Home with naps for both of us. All is well.


  1. Hi kids hoping all is well???!!!
    Things just moving along down here.
    Miss you!!!!!
    Does rocky eat Brussels sprouts?

  2. Rocky does not eat Brussels sprouts!

  3. Hope all is well and you are both resting comfortably, I agree some details are better left unsaid!

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