Day +230: These things we do to keep the flame burnin’…

“And write our fire in the sky
Another day to see the world turnin’
Another avenue to try.”

Post transplant Vidaza treatment #6 started today – we’re nearing the halfway point. I’ve noticed the past couple of months that I feel best mid-cycle (the 2nd week after treatment). Oddly, the week immediately before treatment, I’m more tired. This seems counterintuitive since blood counts are supposed to reach their nadir the 10th day after treatment and then recover. Indeed, today’s counts looked very good:

WBC: 4100 (norm 4500-10500)
Granulocytes (~ANC): 2500 (norm 1400-6500)
Platelets: 471 (norm 150-450)
RBC: 3.85 (norm 4.00-6.00)
HGB (hemoglobin): 13.6 (norm 11.0-18.0)
HCT (hematocrit): 40.4 (norm 35.0-60.0)

I also got a copy of my CMP results from July 6. Everything there also looks great. My liver counts were the best since before my transplant:

Bilirubin 0.5 (normal 0.0 – 1.2)
AST 41 (normal 0-40)
ALT 39 (normal 0-40)
Alkaline Phosphatase, S 143 (norm 25-150)

So, I have no idea why I’ve been so tired the past week. Surprisingly, I’m still running cold. Those of you who know me personally realize how very odd this is. I’m the one who was always too warm. Even as a child, I didn’t like summer. Now I wear so many layers around the house, I look like a bag lady, and when I go to bed at night, I pull the covers completely over my head to gain warmth from my breath. Mind you, I’m not complaining. I still believe it’s better to be cold than hot because one can always add more layers of clothing or blankets to warm up. There’s a definite limit to what can be done to cool off.

On the food front, I still have good days and bad but believe I’m gradually improving. Friday, I had Thai food for the first time post transplant. Although it wasn’t as scrumptious as before, it was more than passably good. We stopped at a creamery on the way home. The homemade lemon ice cream with hot fudge was very good.

We haven’t seen the final Harry Potter yet (still trying to avoid crowds) but will probably do so within the next couple of weeks. I’ve been rewatching all the prior HP films on DVD with a friend in preparation.

About the taglines, it’s fine to email me or post answers here regardless of how you obtain them. There is no such thing as cheating in this game, just pure amusement. I wouldn’t get most of them myself without looking them up, out of context and without music as they are here. Michael and I enjoy the challenge of trying to find something apropos for each post. We do limit ourselves to songs we actually know but we almost always have to look up the lyrics to get them right. Someday we may post a list of songs we were tempted to use but didn’t; we don’t want to offend or horrify anyone who doesn’t share our somewhat macabre sense of humor, LOL.

Day +219: End of the Line, Traveling Wilburys (IDed by Greg)
Day +225: Pictures, The Statler Brothers (no one IDed)


  1. You know how woman get menopause and are always so hot? Maybe you have womanopause. And you get cold. And being womanopause, woman are different and you get cold all the time instead of flashing moments. 🙂
    I have been more tired than usual, but figured it is because of the weather. Hot and humid. No one wants to do anything in this weather. Yuck!
    Glad so see the counts are so good.
    Of course I looked it up, but you said it is okay to do so. Bonnie Raitt, Luck Of The Draw Lyrics

  2. Womanopause….ha, ha love it! Good job on the tagline, too.

  3. I literally LOL about what you said about layers and hot and cold. I agree with you on that one. That’s why I don’t like summer either. It’s my least favorite season. Then Spring, because Spring in Idaho is so long and wet and cold. But I love Fall and Winter.

  4. I have to share your preference for cold for the exact same reason. It must be the Alaska in us. 🙂
    Unlike my sister, I think Spring is my favorite season. Our winters are similar to Fairbanks, and I get tired of the cold and dark. Spring means daffodils, crocuses, tulips, and irises and the excitement of new plants coming up and the upcoming growing season. It means some lingering snow, but warm enough to cross-country ski. It means some nice weather to spend time in the garden before it gets too hot.

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