Day +2375: Hot legs, wearing me out…

“Hot legs, you can scream and shout.

6/1/2017: I saw a new doctor today, orthopedic specialist Dr. Raj Yalamanchili, to try to find out why my legs hurt so much, especially at night. After examining my knee x-rays, poking, pressing, and manipulating my legs, and asking lots of questions, Dr. Y said he thinks I have shin splints, and definitely arthritis in my knees. However, “given my history” (those words again!), he took another set of x-rays that included my full tibia and fibula. He showed me thickening on the front edges of the bones that can be indicative of shin splints, nothing else out of the ordinary. He advised that I reduce my activity level, take Tylenol for the pain every 6 hours (ibuprofen or naproxen would be better but are contraindicated after my incident with the bruising and petechiae), and take 1000 mg. each of Vitamin D and Calcium daily. If not better in four weeks, he’ll order an MRI.

For the arthritis, he recommended taking glucosamine for six weeks and then quit. If I notice a difference, resume; if not, discontinue. He also said if it turns out Tylenol isn’t sufficient to control the knee pain, he can do cortisone injections. In reply to my question about potential liver damage from Tylenol, he said based on my limited alcohol consumption, it shouldn’t be a problem but to get a liver function test (LFT) in addition my usual blood work at least annually.

I’m so glad I went – my anxiety level is greatly reduced, and I’m pleased to have found a new specialist whom I like very much.

Hope everyone has a great summer! Remember, if you don’t see any postings here from Michael or me, assume all is well.

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  1. Glad to see the news. I also did stretching to help with shin splints.

  2. So glad to hear you’re happy and relieved and like a new doctor. I need a new family doctor. Guess what I did today??!!!!!!!
    My son graduated harford Tech in HVAC!!!!!
    everyone has one of those! And he’s had 3 job offers. And he starts after he comes home from OC
    Woooooohoooooooo. …nice to hear all is well.♡♡

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