Day +2886: Birthday greetings, bottle of wine? …

“…if I had been out till quarter of three…
Would you lock the door?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me?
When I’m Sixty-four?…”

Wow, just in the nick of time – an hour from now it is
Happy Birthday, Mausi!

Been going through our anniversary to birthday tradition –
pizza first…and then a present a day from the 11th to the magical 26th.

Karen is great…like Tony the Tiger. October and Halloween are upon us; we decorated the house, and the squirrels and raccoons carved the pumpkins.

“With nothing in between to break my fall…
I’m blue for you, blue for you…
I don’t know what to do…”

Well, actually we do – Karen continues her weekly UVA-1 treatments for GvHD. Hey, let’s stand in the ‘microwave’ of health… yes, I know it’s long wave for all the physicists…but you get the picture which hopefully she will post, the Blue (wo)man Maus!

“Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday dear Mausi….Happy Birthday to you…”

Time to wear…
the Hat …if you dare…..

three easy songs…life is good …so play along…

Love, Michael


  1. Dear Michael and Karen,

    The Beatles and I’ll stop while i’m ahead, happiest of birthdays with many more to come, enjoy!

    Lots of love to you both,

    Hi kids endless shrimp is killing me! And maybe status quo.
    Miss you guys come kill me with endless!,, Thur fri sat sun 330-8 to be safe!
    Ps Josef took me out to a small dinner last week?

  3. Oh and the girls….Chrissy carol carol Brenda are doing drag bingo Monday at silver mining!

  4. “When I’m 64”, by The Beatles.

    Happy Birthday Karen.

  5. Hahaha happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    I’m an old forgetful idiot!
    Not as old as you! Hope I make it to 64 just because!!!!

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