Day +2922: I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars….

“I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars
Look at me, look at me
Just called to say that it’s good to be
Alive, in such a small world”

11/30/2018: I vividly remember my original 8th birthday when I got my very first bicycle, a beautiful blue full sized bike with slender racing tires and no training wheels. We lived in the country in a time when kids roamed free from morning till dusk. Before this, my personal independence day, I rode only on the back of my brother’s bike with no choice but to share his destination. Learning to ride didn’t take long. The sparse lawn where my stepdad taught me was difficult to navigate but a soft landing when I fell. My permanently scarred knees are a subtle reminder of occasional bloody encounters with the gravel at the base of our driveway over the years, temporarily painful but never daunting. Nothing could dampen the heady freedom of riding solo on those country roads, endlessly, effortlessly, hands dangling at my sides.

Life remains good as I turn 8 once again, scars and all. Thank you, Mary Lou! Happy rebirthday to me.

Love to all,


  1. So happy for you! These new birthdays we have become so important now. Enjoy your special day

  2. Life is good! So happy we are on this journey somewhat together! You look amazing!

  3. Happy Rebirthday!

  4. Happy rebirth day Karen!
    And yes thank you mary Lou!
    Still wishing for days gone by when I got to see you both once in a while.
    Josef asked about you both and I think he also gets a tad meloncoly. He called me Monday to ask how long he’s been closed! My son still helps him with projects and his “forever moving to Elkton stuff “ Most of the girls went to drag bingo last month. What ever you think…it’s worse than that!! picked up cards today. Doing st marks craft show tomorrow and JVFC next week. Maybe I will see you. So happy for your DAY! Xoxoxoxox

  5. Love this post so much and love the picture!!!!

  6. Happy Rebirth Day

  7. Love the post. Happy Re-Birthday! I love the picture too. Wish I had a picture like that. I remember my first bike fondly too. It was also blue. 🙂


    Love you.

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