Day +3: all is good

Chemo is done, no problems, but the anti nausea drugs make me very sleepy and uninclined to write!


  1. That’s okay. You get your rest. 🙂

  2. Andy, Thomas, and John

    Rest up Karen! Glad that part is over with and moving right along to the get better part! We didn’t do anything last night – quite an end of week relaxation. Thomas watched a bunch of House episodes on the DVR and John hid out in his room watching science channel. Thomas is moving the old wood pile from beside the garage out back to the burn pile….I feel another bon fire coming on….hmmm. Don’t worry, we will have plenty of wood for a bon fire when you get out and feel up to it! Headed up the road a piece to pick out a tree after that…. Tomorrow John is going to Ravens/Steelers game with Dad. Thomas is going to a cross country run somewhere. I am going to a DAC group tour of Winterthur. If it is any good I will let you and the red hats know and maybe you can visit. It is up near Longwood Gardens. Hope you are feeling better and getting lots of rest. Let me know if you need anything chick!
    Love you, Andy Thomas and John (…and the Tedster)!

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