Day -3: What’s the name of the game…

Food and I are on the verge of a lovers’ quarrel today, and we’re sampling a few different mediators to try to settle things down.

The SA (service assistant) who brought my lunch spotted my xbox 360 and asked if I really play the games. My instinctive response was, “What would be the point of having one if I didn’t?” We did have a pleasant chat about gaming after that.

Keeping this brief today. Michael is visiting, Xbox is functional, and meds are making me sleepy.

Today’s title courtesy Abba lyrics circa 1976.


  1. I wonder what he was thinking? Is he a blond?

    You and Michael should be on a game show about songs. You are both great at them. I remember when we use to play “Name That Tune” at your house in Fairbanks. I was horrible. But you two blew me away with how well you knew all kinds of songs.

    I hope you will stop the quarreling with the food soon. 🙂

  2. I just checked out your new picture of you sitting in your new chair. It looks like your shoes almost match the chair. 😀

    Wish it was possible to make comments on the same page as the photos.

  3. How about this trivia: “The game is afoot!” Uttered by Sherlock Holmes in just one of the novels, I think. The standard web etemology is that it means the symbolic game of chess is “afoot,” quoting some line in Shakespeare.

    My unofficial and more plausible understanding is that the “game” is a rabbit or fox, and “afoot” means the chase, the most exciting part, has begun.

    These days, I guess it means playing a game standing up! 🙂

  4. I hope you settled the quarrel and are feeling better today. When you mentioned Abba and gaming, The Winner Takes it All popped into my head – you should have challenged the SA to a match!

    My kindergarten students had the same reaction when I told them I have a DS. I had to convince them that adults love to play with toys.

    Wishing you some quality play time today!

    Love and hugs,

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