Day +3612: Slowly moving through my system…

“…Breaking all of my defenses with time
You’re just like poison and I just don’t get it
How can something so deadly feel so right?
I’m not sure of what to do it’s a catch 22
cause the cure is found in you I don’t want it but I do
You’re just like poison…”

10/21/2020: Vidaza Cycle #1 (#22 counting prior treatments), day #3. I’m exhausted and am up to 9 “bee stings” on my belly but otherwise doing well. We decided to go for a walk afterwards but went only a short distance before I changed my mind, too tired to go further.

I saw my hematologist (Dr. B) briefly today, such a pleasant contrast to my transplant doc (Dr. J). We didn’t talk long since we’d already covered most everything via email and telephone. If Dr. B had a theme song, I imagine these as his words:

”So on we go
His[Her] welfare is of my concern
No burden is s/he to bear
We’ll get there…“

He’s kind and concerned and he ALWAYS asks how I’m feeling. He answers honestly any question I ask and never takes offense if I question his answers. He takes my concerns seriously. He’s up to date on research and an excellent physician in every respect.

On the other hand, a dialog with Dr. J. would go more like this:

Him – “I’m sorry I don’t understand where all of this is coming from. I thought that we were fine…Your head is running wild again and it’s all in your mind…”
Me – ”(Yeah, but this is happenin’)”

Enough said.

So, our next step is to determine the effectiveness of the Vidaza this time around before making further treatment plans. That will probably take 2-4 months. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

I finally got a copy of my cytogenetics report that confirmed the relapse. It appears I have all of the original complex issues plus some new chromosome abnormalities on 2 out of the 20 cells analyzed. The left sidebar Cytogenetics link is updated with specifics.

In the meantime, you have three more songs to identify from this post. 😉

xoxo, Karen


  1. Keeping you in my thoughts every day on this journey. You got this!

  2. BTW in my limited experience with him, I determined that Dr. J has the bedside manner of a cockroach.

  3. Glad all of your doctors aren’t like Dr. J. (Jekyll)

    Keep strong! You can do this!

    We all love you!

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