Day +396: Someone keeps calling my name, my name…

“…My name is Jonathon, I’m fifty seasons old
I say it that way ’cause I love
the changes each year holds
But as I look around I see some changes nature never planned
I guess it’s time to change ourselves, at least while we still can
Someone keeps calling my name….”

The journey continues – yes, there were doubts, tears, fears, pain, sorrow, frustration, boredom, monotony, hope, joy, cheers, happiness, and love. Emotions meant to be felt!

New Years is a time of reflection as well as looking ahead. First and foremost, to all who are on the same journey as Karen: we wish you a great 2012 and hope to share experiences and both small and large victories ahead.

Thank you to all for the support, encouragement, and sometimes just a different perspective.

This December 31st Tagline may not be as emotional as the theme from ‘Rent’. However, it does reflect Karen’s striving to have life be ordinary and to enjoy the simple things like bread. Normalcy. We have gradually gotten used to the idea that blood counts really don’t have to be done daily…every other day, weekly, or even monthly. Cancer and GvHd are never far away, but they are not consuming or haunting each moment.

I still plan to do a list of rejected taglines (songs) – although they may have accurately captured the mood of the moment, we often went for a softer delivery. Ok, for the curious here is a prime rejected tagline example: “… My wife and my dead wife, Am I the only one that sees her….” Yup there was lots more stuff like that one last year.

Lastly, I am going to shift this a little to pass a big THANK YOU to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines for their service.

Best wishes for the New Year!
Michael and Karen

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  1. Happy New Year to you both. I hope 2012 is filled with many victories and normalcy. Thank you for the wonderful blog, it has helped me with my dad who has just received his BMT this month.

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