Day +3941: Ode to Azacitidine…

”You used to be the best
To make life be life to me
And I hope that you’re still out there
And you’re like you used to be
We’ll have ourselves a time

And we’ll dance ’til the morning sun
And we’ll let the good times come in
And we won’t stop ’til we’re done …”

9/14/2021: Day 1, Cycle 1 [28]. Same drug, same protocols, new location. My prior 27 cycles of Vidaza were all administered at Upper Chesapeake/University of Maryland. I’m being treated at Johns Hopkins this week so I could get started a week earlier. In addition to longer, earlier travel, we spent a lot more time waiting because my blood work needed to be done a couple of hours before to assure all was good to go. Everything went well despite my counts dropping even further since last week. My biopsy sites are much less sore today, good thing as it’s time to back off the Tylenol – ALP at 122 is a bit high. I had a good nap when we got home. It will probably be six weeks or more before I know if the Vidaza is working again. Fingers crossed!

xoxo, Karen


  1. Fingers, toes, arms and legs.

  2. Sorry to hear you are going through this again, although heartened to hear your doctor got preliminary results and you were able to start treatment quickly.

    Thinking of you both,

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